Does Aquamarine Gemstone Bring Luck?

The sparkling blue-green gemstone aquamarine has long been associated with mystical and metaphysical properties. Ancient legends and modern crystal healers alike claim that aquamarine can bring good fortune, courage, and clear communication. But is there any truth to the belief that wearing or carrying aquamarine can actually make you luckier? Let’s take a closer look at this stunning March birthstone and its legendary powers.

Aquamarine Lore Throughout History

References to aquamarine as a lucky talisman date back at least as far as ancient Greece. Greek legends tell of sirens who wore aquamarine jewelry to protect them from shipwrecks while at sea. The soothing blue-green color of aquamarine was thought to calm the waves and ensure a safe voyage. Greek sailors also carried aquamarine carvings of fish for protection and to promote good fortune while sailing.

In the Middle Ages, European shamans prescribed aquamarine as an antidote to poison and believed the stone could cure ailments of the heart, liver, stomach, jaws and throat. Women wore aquamarine in the hopes that it would bring happiness in marriage and make them more beautiful.

Meanwhile, Sumerian, Hebrew and Roman accounts all refer to aquamarine as the treasure of mermaids with mystical powers. From ancient times through the Middle Ages, many mystical properties were attributed to this glittering pale blue stone.

Modern Views on Aquamarine Lore

Today, aquamarine is still regarded by many as a good luck charm. New Age crystal healing practitioners believe aquamarine can calm nerves, enhance clear communication, promote courage and quicken the intellect. It’s said to aid divination and bring harmony, love, joy and wealth. There’s also a modern belief that aquamarines absorb negativity.

But of course there’s no scientific evidence that aquamarine has special powers to bring luck or heal ailments. The mystical properties surrounding this gemstone are based entirely in spiritual beliefs and ancient legends. Still, keeping an open mind, aquamarine’s soothing blue-green radiance can have a calming effect. If wearing aquamarine makes you feel positively empowered, then it may help attract good vibes in a self-fulfilling way.

While aquamarine lore is entwined with mystique and magic, the placebo effect can be powerful. If you feel more confident wearing aquamarine jewelry or keeping the stone close by, it may very well seem to brighten your luck. But in reality, aquamarine’s pale blue-green beauty provides inspiration—any magic comes from within you.