How Much is 1 Gram of Pyrite Worth?

Pyrite, more commonly known as “fool’s gold,” is an iron sulfide mineral that frequently forms in hot spring deposits and sedimentary rocks. Its brassy yellow color causes it to resemble gold to the untrained eye, hence the nickname fool’s gold. But despite not actually being gold, pyrite still carries some intrinsic value of its own. So how much can you expect 1 gram of pyrite to be worth?

The value of pyrite is largely determined by its iron content. Pyrite contains about 46.55% iron by mass. With the current market price of iron at around $0.0001 per gram, the iron in 1 gram of pyrite would be worth about $0.000047. However, this doesn’t account for the full value of the pyrite.

In addition to its iron content, pyrite also contains traces of other metals like nickel, cobalt, and even gold occasionally. These other metals can increase the value, but only marginally for small amounts like 1 gram.

The biggest factor in pyrite’s value is its desirability for collectors. Pyrite’s distinctive crystals and aggregates make it popular among mineral collectors and hobbyists. While fairly common, nicely formed pyrite specimens can sell for anywhere from $1 to $50 per gram or more to collectors. Well-crystallized, aesthetic, or rare pyrite specimens tend to fetch the highest prices.

So while its intrinsic iron content is only worth a few cents per gram, pyrite’s collectability adds significantly more potential value. For most common pyrite samples, you can expect a price of around $1 to $5 per gram for collectible mineral specimens. High-end museum-quality pyrite samples with unique crystal formations or origins can potentially sell for $50 per gram or even higher to serious collectors.

The bottom line is that 1 gram of average pyrite is probably realistically worth about $1 to $3 if being sold as a collectible mineral specimen. Of course pyrite’s price can vary quite a bit depending on crystal shape, quality, color, scarcity and other factors. But for common pyrite, $1 to $3 per gram represents a reasonable estimate for its monetary value to collectors and hobbyists today.