What Color of Peridot is Most Valuable?

Peridot is a popular gemstone that has been prized for centuries for its vibrant green color. Peridot gets its distinctive green hue from the presence of iron in its mineral composition. The intensity and saturation of the green color is one of the main factors that determines the value of peridot gems. But when it comes to peridot, what specific shade of green commands the highest prices?

The most valuable and desirable shades of peridot are those that exhibit a rich, vivid, intense green color. The best peridot gems have a striking pure green hue without any hints of yellow or brown. This lush green is sometimes described as lime green or even grass green in coloring. The technical term for this preferred shade of peridot is “olivine” in reference to the olive-green coloration.

Most gem experts agree that the deeper and more saturated the green color of a peridot, the higher its value. Stones that appear washed out or faded are considered less valuable. An intensely saturated green peridot will appear to “glow” from within and have a striking brilliance. The vibrant green sparkle is one of the distinguishing characteristics of a top-quality peridot gem.

While pure green is preferred, peridot does naturally occur in a range of different green shades from light yellow-green to deeper olive and forest greens. There is no universally agreed upon grading scale for peridot color, but most gemologists categorize peridot into three main color varieties:

  • Olive green – Ranging from grayish to pure green olive tones, this is the most common and affordable variety of peridot.
  • Lime green – This bright, vivid green is considered the most desirable shade and commands higher prices.
  • Forest green – Slightly darker and deeper green tone, still a top grade of peridot.

While personal preferences may vary, most jewelers agree that the lime green variety of peridot is the most valuable. These stones display an intense, rich green hue without any unsightly yellow or brown tinges. The striking and lush green color has an allure all its own.

In general, when evaluating peridot color, the most important criteria are the intensity and purity of the green. A stone with a strong, vibrant, pure green free from undertones of yellow, brown or gray is the most prized. The shimmering neon-like greens fetch the highest prices. Though peridot comes in many shades, there is no doubt that vibrant greens are the most valuable on the market today.