What is the Rarest Color of Aquamarine?

Aquamarine is a light blue gemstone belonging to the beryl family. It gets its name from the Latin words for water and sea due to its ocean-like color tones. The most common aquamarines on the market range from a pale sky blue to a deep blue-green. However, there exists an exceptionally rare variety of aquamarine that displays a vivid cerulean blue color unlike any other.

Cerulean blue aquamarine is prized for its saturated blue hue reminiscent of a cloudless sky or calm tropical waters. While ordinary aquamarine tends to have a slightly greenish or grayish tinge, cerulean specimens exhibit a pure, intense blue with no secondary tones. The vivid blue color is caused by the absence of iron in the gem’s chemical composition. Iron impurities give aquamarine its greenish hues, so an aquamarine devoid of iron will exhibit the optimum blue color saturation.

Only a handful of mines worldwide have yielded aquamarines with the coveted cerulean blue coloration. The most famous source is the Marambaia pegmatite mine in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Small deposits have also been unearthed in Madagascar and Nigeria. However, the Brazilian gemstones exhibit the most desirable shades and purity. Stones from the Marambaia mine are prized by collectors for their intense blue color reminiscent of the feathers of a bluebird.

Due to limited supply, faceted cerulean aquamarines over 1 carat in size can fetch up to $10,000 per carat. While most light blue aquamarines sell for $50-200 per carat, the saturated cerulean gems command premium prices. Jewelry designers also value cerulean aquamarine for its ability to match perfectly with top-grade royal blue sapphires.

The rare cerulean aquamarines display a spellbinding color unlike standard aquamarine. They possess a crisp, saturated blue hue accented by a delicate brilliance exclusive to top-quality beryls. For the collector or jeweler seeking the finest aquamarine in terms of color, a cerulean blue specimen is the ultimate treasure. From the crystalline waters of Minas Gerais, these hypnotic aquamarines exemplify the pinnacle of pure blue. For the connoisseur of fine colored gems, cerulean aquamarine is the rarest and most exceptional shade of this mesmerizing sea-blue gem.