Where to Place Black Obsidian in the Bedroom?

Black obsidian is a powerful stone with protective energies that can transform a bedroom into a sacred, healing space. When used intentionally in spaces where you sleep and dream, black obsidian can help clear negative energy, promote deep and restful sleep, and bring clarity and wisdom to your subconscious mind. But where exactly should you place black obsidian in the bedroom to harness its full potential? Here are some recommended spots:

On the Nightstand

Putting a piece of black obsidian on your nightstand infuses its grounding and protective vibrations right next to where you sleep. You’ll benefit from its energy all night long. Place a tumbled stone, small cluster, or obsidian pyramid on the nightstand on the side of the bed where you sleep. If you sleep next to a partner, put a larger piece or two smaller stones on each person’s nightstand.

Under the Bed

Some people are sensitive to crystals’ energies, so having black obsidian right next to the bed can feel too intense for deep sleep. In that case, put black obsidian underneath the bed instead. This still creates a protective shield around the space where you sleep but at a more subtle distance. Clear any clutter under the bed so the obsidian has room.

Inside the Headboard

If you have a hollow headboard, place several pieces of black obsidian inside it. This brings its protective and grounding power directly above you as you sleep. It also keeps the stones hidden and creates a beautiful secret ritual.

Above the Bed

Hanging a raw black obsidian stone above your bed energizes the entire space while you sleep. Use wire or string to securely hang a flat, oval-shaped piece of black obsidian if you have a hook, nail, or other fixture overhead. Or place the obsidian on a shelf attached to the wall over the bed. Let its energy cascade down on you.

On the Windowsill

Put black obsidian on the windowsill on either side of the bed to create a shield of protection around the perimeter of the sleep space. The obsidian stones block negative energy from coming in through the windows and repel anything undesirable. Place one larger piece or a small cluster on each windowsill. Keep the stones touching the window itself for maximal effect.

Inside the Bedroom Door

Black obsidian just inside the bedroom door blocks stress, anxiety and negative vibes from entering your personal sanctuary. Place a large stone or cluster on the floor in the corner next to the door. Or put a smaller piece right on the inner door frame. Let black obsidian absorb any heavy energies from the rest of the home before they seep into your sleep space.

With intention and ideal placement, black obsidian can transform your bedroom into a sacred retreat. Experiment with different spots around the bed and choose what feels right to you. Let the protective qualities of black obsidian promote deep, restful sleep and uplifting dreams as you slumber.