Where To Place Celestite Crystals In Your Home?

Celestite crystals are a beautiful light blue mineral that is said to have calming, uplifting energies. They are often used in crystal healing practices and placed around the home or office as part of crystal grids. But where exactly should you put celestite crystals to maximize their metaphysical benefits? Here are some recommendations for effective celestite crystal placement.

Living Room

Celestite crystals are ideal for placement in the main living area of your home. Their serene color and energy can help promote a relaxed, balanced atmosphere when spending time with family and friends. Place a cluster of celestites on an end table, bookshelf, TV stand or coffee table. Position them so they are at eye level when seated in the living room. Having the crystals in your line of sight allows you to absorb their soothing energies. You can also hang a celestite crystal in the window to refract light around the room.


The calming properties of celestite make these crystals perfect for the bedroom. They can help quiet mental chatter so you can unwind at the end of the day. Place one or two celestite points on your nightstand or dresser. You’ll benefit from their proximity while sleeping and when getting ready in the mornings. Or lay a celestite crystal grid under your bed or mattress to promote restful sleep. The grid will radiate balancing energies up through your bed as you sleep.

Home Office

Celestite crystals can filter stressful energies in home offices. Their peaceful vibes counteract the frantic pace of work and technology. Place celestites around your desk or work station. Have one near your computer to instill mental clarity when you need to concentrate. You can also arrange celestites around the perimeter of the room to create a relaxing environment. Any repetitive tasks will feel more fluid and easygoing.


Welcome soothing celestite energies into your home by placing these crystals in your entryway. Set a celestite cluster on a small table or shelf near your front door. It will radiate calming vibes as soon as you get home. You’ll immediately feel any tensions fade away. Or hang a crystal celestite wind chime near the door. The chimes will sound celestial tones through your entryway every time the door opens.

Meditation Space

Celestite crystals are the perfect complement to a meditation practice. Their high vibration facilitates connection to your higher self and inner wisdom. Place celestites around your meditation space to open your mind to profound insights. Hold a celestite point during meditation to deepen your focus. Lay back with a celestite cluster on your body during Savasana to fully integrate your practice. Let the celestites instill mental clarity and inner peace.

With their beautiful blue hues and soothing energies, celestite crystals enhance any room. Trust your intuition on specific placement, and allow the celestites to guide you. They will naturally attract you to spaces needing their divine vibrations. Soon your home will feel like a celestial sanctuary basking in the uplifting essence of these magical minerals.