Where is the Best Place to Find Fluorite?

Fluorite, also known as fluorspar, is a popular mineral among rockhounds and mineral collectors due to its stunning array of colors and relative abundance. But where are the best places in the world to find high-quality fluorite specimens? Here are some of the top locations for finding beautiful fluorite crystals:


England has a long history of fluorite mining, especially in the Pennines region. The famous Blue John fluorite comes exclusively from Blue John Cavern and Treak Cliff Cavern in Derbyshire, England. While mining no longer occurs here, these caves are open for tours and you may be able to find small fluorite samples on the walls or floors. Other historic fluorite mines in the Pennines have also produced world-class specimens over the years.


China is probably the most significant source of fluorite in the world today. The Dalucao Mine in Dehong Prefecture and the Xianghualing Mine in Hunan Province are particularly noteworthy. These mines produce thousands of tons of industrial grade fluorite every year, but they have also yielded incredible purple, blue, and golden yellow cubic crystals up to 20 cm across. The Shizhuyuan Mine in Hubei Province is also famous for large, gemmy green cubic fluorite crystals.


Mexico has a diversity of fluorite deposits, but the most famous is the Santa Eulalia Mining District in Chihuahua. This area is rich in lead, zinc, silver, and fluorite. Gorgeous crystals up to 25 cm across in various hues of purple, blue, yellow, and green have come from mines here such as the Naica Mine. Nearby, the Villargomez Mine in Coahuila has also produced world-class fluorite specimens.

Illinois, USA

The Illinois-Kentucky Fluorspar Mining District was once the epicenter of fluorite mining in the United States. Although mining has declined significantly in recent decades, this area produced some of the largest fluorite crystals ever found, including cubes up to one meter across. The Denton Mine was especially prolific. Most Illinois fluorite is tinted shades of purple, blue, or yellow. Small fluorite crystals can still occasionally be found among the old mine tailings.


Several districts in Morocco have produced exceptional fluorite specimens. The most famous is Taourirt in the Oujda region, which is primarily a lead mine but has yielded thousands of cubic green and purple fluorite crystals up to 30 cm in size. The nearby El Hammam Mine is also known for large, gemmy green fluorite cubes. Further south, the Jebel Aubou Aouam mine produces smaller but beautifully colored purple, yellow, and green fluorite crystals.

Other Significant Localities

Other regions worldwide have also produced fine fluorite specimens. Good finds have come from Dalnegorsk, Russia; N’Chwaning Mine, South Africa; Rogerley Mine, England; Mahodari, India; and various mines in Germany. While mining continues on a smaller scale today, the fluorite localities above made history by producing some of the world’s finest mineral specimens. Visiting active mines and historic locations allows you to find your own fluorite treasures. Just be sure to keep safety and preservation in mind when mineral collecting.