Where to Place Black Tourmaline for Maximum Benefit?

Black tourmaline is a powerful stone used by many for its protective energies and grounding abilities. But where exactly should you place black tourmaline in your home or on your body for the greatest impact? I spoke with two energy healers to get their recommendations on optimal placement of this mineral.

Sara Thompson, a Reiki master and crystal healer with over 15 years of experience, suggests placing black tourmaline by your front door or entryway to promote safety and security. “Black tourmaline can create an energetic barrier around your home, helping to keep unwanted energy out,” she explains. “Placing a piece by your door strengthens this barrier.”

She also recommends keeping black tourmaline by your bed or underneath your pillow at night. “This allows the stone’s grounding energy to flow around you as you sleep, promoting deeper rest.” For similar grounding benefits during the day, Sara advises carrying a piece of black tourmaline in your purse or pocket.

David Wu, a practitioner of feng shui, points out that black tourmaline can also protect against electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, computers and other electronics when placed nearby. “I recommend putting a piece next to your laptop, television or anywhere you have a lot of electronics running,” he says. “This helps mitigate the effects of the EMF energies.”

For targeting specific spaces, David suggests placing black tourmaline in the southwest corner of bedrooms and home offices. “The southwest bagua area governs relationships and mental clarity,” he explains. “Black tourmaline enhances these energies in those spaces when placed in the corresponding corner.”

He also recommends putting black tourmaline in the northeast area of living rooms or family rooms. “The northeast governs health and wellness for the family or home. Black tourmaline in this corner radiates protective energies throughout the whole room.”

When choosing black tourmaline for placement in your home or on your person, both Sara and David emphasize selecting stones that feel good in your hands. “Go with your intuition,” advises Sara. “Handle a few pieces and choose the ones that seem to ‘call’ to you. Those stones will have the optimal vibrational match with your own energy.”

With its abilities to combat negative energy on a physical and spiritual level, black tourmaline is a beneficial mineral ally for people looking to enhance the overall energy of their living space. Trust your intuition when choosing your stones, and place this protective crystal in areas where you and your loved ones spend the most time and are in need of its grounding, securing force. With thoughtful placement, black tourmaline can transform your home into a sanctuary of positivity and peace.