How to Activate Celestite Crystal?

Celestite, also known as celestine, is a beautiful blue crystal revered for its high vibrational energy. Many crystal enthusiasts believe that celestite has the ability to activate cosmic awareness, angelic connections, and inner peace when properly cleansed and charged. Activating celestite simply means cleansing it of any stagnant energies so its innate metaphysical properties shine through.

Here, four celestite enthusiasts share their tips and experiences with activating this magnificent stone:

Sarah D., Crystal Shop Owner

“As a crystal shop owner, activating stones is a big part of my job! For celestite, I like to place clusters or geodes in direct sunlight for at least 4 hours. Celestite is sometimes called ‘heaven’s blue stone’ so I find sunbathing brings its stellar vibes to light. I’ll also let celestite soak overnight in a bath of seawater mixed with lavender essential oil. After rinsing, the difference in its energy is palpable – celestite absolutely beams after an activation bath!”

Mark T., Reiki Master

“I use celestite in many of my Reiki sessions so making sure it’s properly activated is important. My favorite method is to hold the stone and visualize white light entering it, flushing out any stuck energy. I’ll also lightly tap the crystal while intending to wake it up. As a Reiki practitioner, I can feel when celestite needs a recharge after a session so I keep it under a pyramid or next to a large geode to energize it in between uses. Setting the intention to activate celestite is key.”

Simone G., Yoga Instructor

“I have two beautiful celestite geodes in my yoga studio. About once a month, especially if the energy has felt heavy or off, I’ll activate them by gently wiping the clusters down with a soft cloth. This motion works to brush off any accumulated energy. Sometimes I’ll chant or sing an uplifting mantra while cleansing the crystals. After the wiping, I’ll let the celestite sit in direct sunlight or under the full moon. The solar and lunar energies help awaken and restore celestite’s high vibrations.”

Eva F., Crystal Healer

“There are so many ways to wake up sleepy celestite! I like to combine a few methods for a powerful activation. First, I’ll smoke cleanse the stone with sage or palo santo. Next, I’ll place it in a singing bowl and tone until I intuitively feel the celestite vibrating with the notes. I’ll finish by holding the stone over an amethyst cluster or quartz geode for a few minutes to let those amplifying crystals give celestite an extra boost. Taking time to properly prepare celestite helps me when I use it in crystal healing grids or layouts.”

These four enthusiasts all agree – celestite is a gorgeous, high-vibration stone that shines even brighter when properly activated. Simply cleansing it of stuck energy through sunlight, sound, intention, and proximity to other crystals unlocks its cosmic potential. Give your celestite some TLC with these activation tips and feel its angelic energies come to life!