What Does Tiger Eye Symbolize?

Tiger eye is a beautifully banded stone that has been highly prized throughout history for its symbolic meaning and metaphysical properties. This golden-brown mineral captures the strength, courage and fortitude of the tiger, offering those who wear or carry it a boost of willpower, vitality and confidence.

In crystal healing lore and spiritual traditions across the world, tiger eye is believed to have a grounding, stabilizing energy that can help one stay centered and calmly focused even in chaotic or stressful situations. It’s thought to sharpen the mind and enhance mental clarity, bringing enhanced insight, intuition and a knack for resolving problems or conflicts.

The tiger eye stone’s connection to the tiger imbues it with many symbolic meanings revolving around the tiger’s attributes. In Asian cultures, the tiger represents the west where the sun sets as well as autumn, linking tiger eye to cycles, change and yin energy. The stripes of the tiger eye stone evoke the duality expressed in yin-yang philosophy. Light and dark bands representing active and passive, male and female, positive and negative. Wearing or meditating with tiger eye can help integrate and find balance between disparate parts of one’s personality or situations in life.

The tiger’s reputation for bravery and strength has cemented tiger eye’s role as a talisman of protection and courage. Warriors and soldiers have carried it through battles, and many still wear it today for maintaining courage and overcoming fear. In crystal healing, it’s thought to fortify nerves and adrenals when one is feeling fearful or lacking confidence. Tiger eye’s energy brings vitality and willpower to persevere through hardship.

For its grounding stable qualities and golden shimmer, tiger eye has linked to the energy of the earth element, the season of autumn and the solar plexus chakra in the navel. It’s believed to energize this chakra, the core of personal power and identity, helping to improve self-esteem, confidence, motivation and discipline. Meditating with tiger eye on the solar plexus can help manifest goals into reality.

Historically, tiger eye was also seen as a symbol of divine power. Egyptian pharaohs wore it for protection, vision and insight. They believed it offered deeper awareness, vigilance, clearsightedness and aptitude to make correct decisions. In Buddhism, tiger eye represents the eyes and mindfulness of the Buddha. To followers, it signifies spiritual vision, discernment and compassion.

Whether worn as a talisman, used in meditation or kept close for its energetic properties, tiger eye empowers those who resonate with its bold energies. It emboldens wearers as they move through cycles of change, grounding and stabilizing during times of upheaval. Its luminous tiger spirit stirs vitality, courage, confidence and the determination to realize dreams and meet all challenges from a mindset of inner strength.