Where to Find Tigers Eye Gemstones in the US?

Tigers eye is a beautiful golden brown or blue colored gemstone that is popular for its metallic luster and earthy hues. This striking stone is comprised of silicon dioxide and is created through the process of silicification, which replaces crocidolite fibers with silica. The stone’s captivating appearance makes it a top choice for jewelry and other decorative items. If you’re wondering where you can find tigers eye gemstones in the US, here are some top places to look:

Southwestern States

Several states in the American southwest are excellent places to find tigers eye, both naturally occurring and commercially sold. Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Nevada have plentiful deposits of tigers eye that can be sourced from mines, rock shops, gem shows, and other specialty stores. Certain areas may allow you to hunt for the stones yourself. Land near the Sierra Ancha mountain range and Apache National Forest in Arizona is one spot where you may be able to find raw or polished tigers eye fragments.


As one of the most mineral-rich states, California has diverse geological formations that produce tigers eye. Deposits have been found in the mountain ranges near Barstow, Big Bear Lake, and Olancha. You can shop from the many rock and crystal shops in these areas to find tigers eye pendants, beads, tumbled stones, and other jewelry. The annual Quartzsite Gem & Mineral Show hosts dealers from all over the state selling various quality stones.


Oregon’s landscape provides the ideal conditions for tigers eye to form, so the state has an abundant supply. The sunstone mines near Plush and the Owyhee River hold stones containing the blue and red-colored varieties. For golden brown tigers eye, browse the inventories at rock shops in towns like Grants Pass, Bend, and Medford.

New York

The western region of New York state hosts most of the tigers eye deposits. Visit gem shops in cities such as Buffalo, Syracuse, and Rochester to uncover golden tiger eye stones, beads, and geodes. Or take a short trip to Herkimer in Herkimer County, which is known as the ‘Crystal Capital of the World’ for its quartz crystal and other gemstone mines.

Jewelry Stores

regardless of where you live in the US, fine jewelry stores often carry tigers eye since it is valued in jewelry making. High-end retailers that sell gold and silver jewelry will commonly have rings, bracelets, pendants, and earrings featuring this stone. Its natural beauty provides an elegant focal point for many designs. For more variety, browse online crystal and gemstone specialty shops which source tigers eye worldwide.

With its rich, warm luster, tigers eye makes a great addition to anyone’s gem collection. Genuine stones can be found across certain US states where geological conditions promote their formation. From mine sites to gem shops and jewelry stores, keep an eye out for this stunning stone on your mineral-hunting adventures.